The Herd

Meet The Boys

Walker Ranch is backed by an outstanding herd sire lineup. We utilize bulls registered with the American Angus Association in our breeding program with a focus on calving ease, growth, and carcass traits. These guys are solid.


This bull is a ranch favorite. He sired all the calves born in 2018 and 2019. For 2019 we had 100% pregnancy rate and 100% birth rate. Not only that, but 75% were bulls!

Owner: Walker Angus


This was the very first bull on the ranch. We used this nice guy to cleanup after embryo transfers in 2015 and 2016. We ended up keeping a couple of his calves as replacement heifers for our own breeding herd.

Owner: Teddy Linthicum

Spur All In 7620

Reg: AAA *19083019

We purchased this bull in cahoots with Walker Angus at the 2019 Performance Herd of the Heartland Sale at Spur Ranch. He posted the 7th lowest (tie) Foot Angle EPD, 8th highest (tie) Calving Ease Direct EPD, 10th highest (tie) Calving Ease Maternal EPD at the sale. Dam record ratios of 3@99 for Birth Weight; 3@102 for Yearling Weight. Top 4% Angle EPD. This bad boy will sire our 2020 and 2021 calves.

Owner: Walker Ranch & Walker Angus


This curly headed fella sired all our calves born in 2017. We had 100% pregnancy rate and 100% birth rate.

Owner: Walker Angus

Meet The Girls

High-quality commercial Black Angus females are the foundation of our program. These girls work for a living. They are required to breed and wean a respectable calf with minimal assistance.


This big gal has been on the farm since the beginning. #1114 has given us a baby every fall. Easy birth, low birth weight, maternal instinct. We kept one of her calves as a replacement heifer for our breeding herd.


We purchased #3 as a bred heifer in 2015. Can you believe she has given us a bull calf every fall? She’s a great mother.


A farm favorite! #1123 has been with us since the beginning. We have three of her calves in our breeding herd.

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