How Things Work Around Here

Walker Ranch is a cow-calf operation with fall-calving cows. On our ranch, the cows give birth somewhere between September and November. These hearty girls calve on their own to calves that weight around 70 pounds. The calves are weaned between March and May of the next year.

After weaning, the heifers are sold or become replacements. The steers are kept for a few months, grazing and growing, then sold as full-grown yearlings. Occasionally, we have bulls and cows for sale.

All the cattle at Walker Ranch are expected to survive and thrive in the harsh Oklahoma climate. They graze Oklahoma Fescue and Bermuda pastures year-round. They are also bucket-fed to improve their docility and comfort level around people. How spoiled are they? Monica hand feeds them apples and lets them drink out of the water hose.

Our smaller herd size ensures that each and every animal receives hands-on attention and treatment as needed. This keeps the animals and the herd content and healthy. By knowing our herd so well, we can maintain an unmatched level of both quality meat and ethics.

Why Black ANgus

Their smaller size is an advantage in cooler climates, and results in a compact beef carcass with higher percentages of choice and prime cuts than most other breeds. The meat is very popular due to its fat marbling qualities. It’s the superior marbling that makes Black Angus beef so flavorful, tender and juicy.

Know Who Your Food Comes From

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