It all started when…

Monica Bagwell and Bryan Walker tied the knot in 2014. Bryan and his boys, Brant and Bryson, lived on a few acres in Northeast Oklahoma. Monica left the city to be with them. They started their cow-calf operation with five bred heifers purchased from a local rancher.

Today, Walker Ranch maintains a small-scale cow-calf breeding herd they’re quite proud of. They keep only the best heifers and cows to breed with their registered Black Angus bulls. The goal is to produce the kind of animals cattle buyers are looking for with respect to beef production. Walker Ranch is an Oklahoma Beef Quality Assurance certified producer.

At Walker Ranch you’ll also find pasture raised chickens, lots of pecan trees, and a huge garden.

Quality has been our top priority from the very beginning. Every animal receives the necessary care in all stages of life to maintain a healthy herd and flock.”

Monica Bagwell